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Over 146 years of Swans history, our club has faced many challenges. Time after time, we have survived, we have endured, and we have thrived.

We have risen from the brink of extinction to become a club that is respected and admired for our relentless spirit and commitment to each other. That’s the Bloods way.

In 2020 we are faced with our next great challenge.

How can you help? We need the Bloods to rally and tackle this challenge together.

To those of you who have already signed up as a 2020 member, thank you. You are already helping. To those of you who are yet to, we ask you to stand with us.

In 2020, it will be because of you we survived. And in the years to come, it will be because of you we thrive.

We are Bloods and it’s time to make our mark on Swans history.

Together, we will march onwards to victory.


Pledge your support

By pledging your support, you will commit to 100% of your membership remaining with the Sydney Swans in 2020.