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new in 2019! be the captain of your footy family

We know footy families come in all shapes and sizes.
That’s why this season, we are rewarding our Swans footy families.

Whether you cheer with friends or a partner, neighbours or your kids, your parents or work mates,
you can now create the footy family that suits you simply by paying together.

Footy families can be created with any of our membership packages. To purchase a family membership,
simply choose the individual options that suit your needs and we’ll do the rest.

Click here to find the perfect membership package for your footy family!

 Meet one of our footy families.
Jenny and Dave love going to the footy with their two daughters, Jess who is 11 and Maddy who is 16.
They also bring along their neighbour Tania who is also 16 and we can’t forget Gran who has been a member for 30+ years.