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To ensure the safety and security of membership and personal information, Ticketmaster have introduced a new sign-in for members’ Swans Accounts.

With increased account security to protect your account, members will be asked to verify your email and phone number upon initial login. In the event you get locked out or forget your password you can now can easily self-serve via an SMS password reset.

When you sign into your Swans Account, use your usual email address. The system will recognise your email and may prompt you to reset your password. Once you have successfully signed in, you will be able to use the same username and password for other membership sites (if applicable) and Ticketmaster.com.au

You can click "Forgot Password?" at sign-in to receive an email or a text message with a one-time code to reset your password.

Find a step-by-step guide here for to help you with this process.

No, all sign-ins use will now use Ticketmaster sign in details. You will still use the same email, but your password may be changed.

With a secure, unified credential system, you can sign into your Ticketmaster and Swans Account using a single sign-in (username/password). With this new sign-in, not only is your account more secure, but you also no longer have to remember several username/passwords and can access your tickets faster.

Account information including your name, email address, phone number and password can be updated in the My Profile section of your Ticketmaster account. You can access My Profile from the profile section of your Club Membership Account or by signing into ticketmaster.com.au

Your mailing address can only be updated in the profile section of your Sydney Swans Account.

To ensure it is you, Ticketmaster require each account have a phone number associated with it. This phone number can be updated via your Ticketmaster.com.au account profile.

This upgraded sign-in experience protects accounts against account takeovers by identifying suspicious sign-ins and locking the accounts before bad actors can use stolen credentials.

Members will be required to use a Ticketmaster account to sign in to their Sydney Swans Account. Ticketmaster is committed to building a modern, secure sign-in experience. Accounts created for a Sydney Swans membership will not be marketed to by Ticketmaster unless you make a purchase directly on ticketmaster.com.au

Ticketmaster are a long term and trusted provider of Sydney Swans membership.

Enter your email address in the email field and the system will check to see if you have an existing Ticketmaster.com.au account. If you see a message that says, "Email Not Found", you will need to sign up with a new Ticketmaster account.

Creating an account is simple and secure. Follow the steps to create an account here

Contact Sydney Swans Membership Support and have them unlink your email from your Ticketmaster account. They will then change the email on your account to a new email of your choice. When you sign in again, you will use the new email address

If you use the same email address for all your accounts, you will only have a single Ticketmaster account and sign in that can access each venue or team.

If you use different emails for each club membership you hold (for example, you might hold a Sydney Swans membership, AFL membership and also a Sydney FC membership) you will have a Ticketmaster account created for each.

No. Your Sydney Swans mobile membership tickets, and your Ticketmaster tickets will still be separate. Your credentials are the same, but the accounts are separate.

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