Seat Return


If you can’t make it to the SCG, you will be able to RETURN your seat and EARN credits towards your 2025 membership.

Return your seat through your Swans Account (select My Events in the header once logged in), or click the below link to a form and we can return your seat/s on your behalf. We've also provided some step-by-step instructions available here if you need them.

If your seat is sold, you'll receive up to $35 per match towards your membership for next season. Seat return is only available for reserved seat holders, and seats must be returned more than 24 hours prior to the match. Once a seat is returned, it is final and cannot be reversed.


Seat return terms and conditions can be found here.


How did I receive account credit?

Members who returned their reserved seat for a match during the 2023 season, where the seat successfully sold, have received a credit towards their 2024 membership.

How can I see how much seat return credit I have earned?

Your seat return credit is visible when you renew your 2024 membership invoice via your Swans Account. If you’d like further details, you can also contact Membership Support.

Details regarding the amount of seat return credit you can earn are available via our Terms and Conditions.

I pay with Smart Pay, how is my seat return credit applied?

Smart Pay Upfront members will see their seat return credit automatically applied to the total of their 2024 membership.

Smart Pay Monthly members will see their seat return credit automatically applied after their first instalment is charged on November 20, 2023.

How does my seat return credit impact my renewal?

Seat return credit is automatically applied to your 2024 membership invoice.

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